Who am I?

I am a freelancer and this site contains the research topics I am working on and what I discover (and I can share) while doing security research for the community or for my customers.

I spent the last 10 years working in the IT, starting from the ground and becoming an OSCP certified senior security analyst for some of the biggest companies in Italy. I then decided to follow my passion and start working as a freelancer and I am now available for hiring on your next project having complex security requirements.

What am I good at?

I really like working on complex problems, disassembling and reversing unknown platforms and basically working at low level on embedded systems, IoT devices and ICS infrastructures.

I also support my customer on more common tasks like penetration testing on network infrastructures and Internet services and I actively collaborate with XTN on different projects inherent mobile security and cybercrime.

Finally, it is really fun for me to speak at conferences and being an instructor for security related courses.

If you need more details, you can find my complete professional profile on LinkedIn and how to contact me here.